Learning targets

The following learning targets were established by the European Council and are valid for all languages.
A 1 You can make yourself understood in daily situations. For ex., asking for your way, using numbers, going shopping or booking a room. You can also talk about your daily routine or describe your work in simple words. You mainly use the present tense.
A 2 You can now converse relatively well in everyday situations and are now also able to talk about past or future events. Simple phone calls or letters are no problem for you.

B 1 Now you are able to cope with more difficult situations, for example at work. You are able to follow longer conversations, to write shorter essays or a CV.

B 2 You grasp the main points of difficult texts like newspaper articles or contracts and are able to describe proceedings or projects. In meetings you can easily take your view.

C 1 You are able to hold difficult presentations and can answer spontaneous questions immediately. You are able to write comprehensive reports or difficult letters.

C 2 You always use the right style of language, even in unexpected situations. You can change languages without thinking and translating and you are competent in intercultural differences.

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